3 fraudsters to be extradited from Thailand to South Korea

3 fraudsters to be extradited from Thailand to South Korea

Three South Korean citizens were arrested on suspicion of fraud, resulting in a loss of 159 million baht (approximately US$4.84 million) in Korea, after which they fled to Thailand. They are being extradited to South Korea to face charges.


The suspects, 54-year-old Kim, 60-year-old Yang and 51-year-old Ye Jun, were charged with fraud in South Korea on charges of securities fraud. They then fled to Thailand to avoid prosecution. Their victims claim to have lost 6 billion won, or about 1.6 billion baht, according to the Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau.

A police investigation determined that the three men were textile businessmen in South Korea. They deceived people by presenting false commercial profits in order to attract investors to five large companies that they took control of.

The arrests were made at the request of the police consulate of the Korean Embassy in Bangkok. The suspects were wanted by Interpol and wanted in South Korea. The authorities are working to bring these individuals to justice and return the stolen money to the victims.

The Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau said that Ye Joon was arrested by the Immigration Police Investigation Department in early December for an overstayed visa and sent to the Bang Lamung Police Station in Chonburi Province while the case is pending before the court.

The immigration police searched the database and found that Kim entered Thailand from South Korea on July 25 and Yang on August 3. Both of their tourist visas expired at the end of October. Immigration Bureau police tracked the two suspects to a luxury apartment in the Sukhumvit area and then found them at a golf course in Pathum Thani. On January 10, they were arrested for expired visas.