3 teen boys kidnapped, tortured, and forced to perform oral sex by sadistic gang

3 teen boys kidnapped, tortured, and forced to perform oral sex by sadistic gang

Three teenage boys have been kidnapped, tortured and forced to have same-sex sex against their will at gunpoint by a sadistic gang of teenagers in a house in Bangkok's Hua Mark district.

The victims received penis burns, were forced to drink urine, perform oral sex and fight each other. The police detained only one criminal.

Three boys, Oat, 17, Sub, 17, and Fluke, 18, filed complaints with the police after they escaped detention and torture by 17 teenagers aged 17 to 19 for three days from 27 to 19 October.

Out said he used to study at the Minbury Polytechnic College of Technology but dropped out. He believes that the abductors were students from another polytechnic college.

Out said that on the night of October 27, he was kidnapped by two teenagers named Tle and Gift. The two took Out to a house at Soi Ramkanhaeng 63 where more than 10 other teenagers had gathered.

Out said that one of the group members used his phone to lure two of his friends, Sub and Fluke, into the house. For three days, they were repeatedly attacked and tortured by others. The group recorded a video of their sadistic activities. The kidnappers threatened their captives with weapons and forced them to follow their every order. If they did not comply with the order, they threatened to release the video on social media.

All three were forced to eat cigarette butts, drink urine, perform oral sex, kiss and hit each other. A teenage girl from the group burned the boys' pubic hair and scorched their penises with a lighter. She also put out burning cigarettes on their tongues.

Out said that there were many weapons in the house.

Out said the owner of the house, the father of one of the group members, was aware of the ordeal but did nothing to stop his son's actions.

Outa's mother told Channel 3 she fears repercussions because one of the parents is notorious in the area.

The victims contacted famed lawyer Ronnarong Kevfet to help them with their case.

Ronnarong said the teenage gang faces a number of charges, including attempted murder, imprisonment of others, use of a firearm without a permit, and possession of a firearm without a permit.

Only one young man, 18-year-old Tanapon (surname reserved), was detained yesterday, the rest of the suspects are on the run.

Tanapon was accused of physically assaulting others, holding others captive, and forcing others to do or not to do something against that person's will. He denied all charges and is currently in a detention center in Bangkok.