Bangkok’s giant drainage tunnel ready for ‘rainy season’

Bangkok’s giant drainage tunnel ready for ‘rainy season’

Deputy Governor of Bangkok Vissan Sapsopol claims that the city’s giant drainage tunnel will be completely work for the rainy season.


The new Bueng Nong Bon Drainage tunnel, which began construction in January 2016, is not expected to be finished until March next year. But the deputy governor of the city insists that he will be ready just for the kingdom rain season, which should begin next month.

Vissan says that the administration of the metropolitan administration of Bangkok outlined plans for the use of a drainage tunnel in the right -wing area, and the Bang AO pumping station in Bang Na will help accelerate the flow of excess water into the Chao Priya River.

The former deputy rector of the University of Chulalongorn added that BMA will open the finished drainage tunnels to help soften any abundance of water in the city during the rain season, and says that they have potential for protecting 85 square kilometers from the flood metropolis.

The Bueng Nong Bon tunnel has a diameter of 5 meters and passes almost 9.5 kilometers at a depth of 30 meters. It takes place in Nong Bon Wamp, it takes place under the channels Nong Bon and Ta Chang, Srinakarin and Udomsuk Roads, Sukhumvit 101/1 and the Bang AO channel.

The BMA drainage and sewage department says that work on the tunnel is about 91.5%.

The Department added that the tunnel is designed to consider historical overflows for UOUSUK -ROUD and Sukhumwit 101/1 and along the Canal of the Bang of AO, which will benefit the districts of right -handedness, Suan Luang, Bang on and Prakhang.

The new tunnel will also support the Bueng Nong Bon reservoir, which has a container for storing 7 million cubic meters of water.