Boobs ban! Macro-textured implants outlawed in Thailand

Boobs ban! Macro-textured implants outlawed in Thailand

Are big boobs bad? Thailand is famous for being a country where girls have big boobs and ladybugs have even bigger ones. But now, after concerns about the rare risk of cancer, macro-textured breast implants are banned in Thailand.


The new declaration was originally signed on 20 October by Deputy Health Minister Satit Pitutecha. But on Friday, the plan was officially legalized after being published in the Royal Gazette, the latest move in Thailand towards legislation.

The ban on breast augmentation went into effect immediately, blocking the sale, manufacture and import of all macrotexture implants. The ban on breast augmentation surgery came after evidence emerged that it could cause a rare form of cancer, implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

Concerns about cancer risk began last year after 800 cases of breast cancer worldwide were associated with macrotextured silicone implants. The Thai Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, together with the Thai Food and Drug Administration, has recalled macrotexture silicone.

Thailand now has a total ban on all macrotexture silicone implants with an average surface roughness of 50 microns or more, according to Nation Thailand.

The forbidden option is a popular style because its placement is more stable than other styles. The textured surface of the implant allows it to adhere more closely to the tissue inside the breast. The irregular shape of the surface causes the silicone to stay in place after the surgeon implants it.