Floods in Buriram, northeast Thailand

Floods in Buriram, northeast Thailand

The worst floods in 10 years" - that's what the situation was called in Thailand, namely in parts of Buriram province in the northeast, after two days of continuous heavy rains.


Some 30 homes and restaurants were damaged in the floods, along with village roads and farmland. Chaiyaphum province in northeastern Thailand also experienced heavy rains and flash floods this week.

More than 30 houses in the Ban Dan area of ​​Buriram were affected. Residents were awakened by the fact that the water flooded their homes in the middle of the night. During the escape, people were forced to leave their belongings, which caused damage to electrical appliances, cabinets, mattresses and other accessories.

The water level reached 30-40 centimeters on many roads in the Ban Dan area, blocking the only entrances and exits to many villages for cars.


The wife of Pitchafon Pimpimai, the village headman, said she was unable to prepare as her house was suddenly flooded in the middle of the night. She said the water caused significant damage to her home and property, such as appliances, closets, beds, food and fertilizer for her sugar cane fields.

Mayor Ban Dan Verawat Sati Punphon said the agencies quickly assessed the damage from the flood and developed a plan to deal with the elements. The assessment revealed that more than 30 houses, catering establishments, the Ban Dan District Police Station, as well as hundreds of hectares of farmland were affected. Highways were also flooded.

In the course of identifying the cause of the flood, it was revealed that the cause was a blockage in the drainage system, after cleaning which the water began to decrease.
The drainage system is currently being repaired. It is expected that after the work is completed, the water level will completely subside in 1-2 days.


Now that the drainage system is being repaired, the water level is expected to completely disappear today or tomorrow. According to the mayor, if such heavy rains are repeated, the water level should completely drain in 1-2 days.

The northeastern province of Chaiyaphum is also experiencing heavy rains and flash floods this week. On Monday, busy roads in front of Chaiyaphum Hospital were significantly flooded and residents were warned not to drive small cars on the roads.

The Thai Meteorological Department warns that heavy rains and flash floods are expected to continue in northeast Thailand today and tomorrow, July 13 and 14.