French Thai kickboxer makes a dick of himself

French Thai kickboxer makes a dick of himself

French Muay Thai kickboxer Jimmy Vienot inadvertently made a fool of himself after his recent win over Pechmorakot Petchindi at Lumpini Boxing Stadium in Bangkok.


Jimmy Vieno is a French Muay Thai kickboxer. After recently beating Pechmorakot Petchindi at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, he made a fool of himself.

The Frenchman who defeated Petchmorakot on May 20 wanted to have มวยไทย written on his arm, meaning Thai boxing, but the result was not just wrong, it was horribly wrong. Instead, the disconnect between the fighter and his tattoo artist left him with a word similar to the word used to describe a penis.

The 26-year-old Thai boxer proudly showed off a new tattoo on Instagram with the caption "Muay Thai". But the Thai word written on his arm didn't read at all like Muay Thai or Muay Thai. It was misspelled.

The first alphabet of the word should be "ม(M)", not "ฆ(K)". The correct version of the word should be มวยไทย (muay thai), but he got ฆวยไทย (kuay thai). And Kuai in Thai means…. penis. Usually the Thai word for penis is written with "ค", but the letter "ฆ" written on his hand also makes the same "K" sound. So, the term now means Thai penis, not Thai boxing.

Vieno's Thai fans left comments on his Instagram account informing him of the typo. Other Thais on social media asked where he got the tattoo and noted that it was unlikely that a Thai tattoo artist would make a mistake of this magnitude.

Vieno did not respond to comments on his social media.

The French fighter has many Thai-style tattoos on his back and is considered one of the top foreign boxers in Thailand.

Otherwise, Jimmy, congratulations on your win.