Is Thailand famous for coffee and is Thai coffee good?

Is Thailand famous for coffee and is Thai coffee good?

Thailand is currently among the top 15 coffee exporters in the world. Thai coffee has never been truly known, but in recent years the international recognition of Thai coffee has grown rapidly. Now Thailand is known not only for Robusta coffee beans, but also for Arabica coffee beans.


Thailand is currently one of the top 15 coffee exporters in the world. Although Thai coffee has not been very famous, but over the past few years it has gained recognition around the world.

To date, Thailand still exports very little coffee as most coffee is consumed domestically, making it difficult to ship, especially in large quantities. Most interestingly, Thailand offers one of the rare origins of coffee where a sustainable coffee ecosystem exists.

As Thailand's specialty coffee economy continues to grow, more and more specialty coffee beans can be found throughout the country. Sustainably grown specialty Arabica coffee and a wide selection of high quality Robusta coffee beans.

As the months passed, several coffee roasters in Thailand have upgraded their skills, knowledge and roasting profile to compete for the best coffee beans. The best way to always be up to date on who has the best coffee beans each year is to either visit the Coffee Culture website or send them a message to find out the latest winners.





It has been many years since Thailand's first coffee tree was planted in Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai. Today, anyone in Thailand starts with a cup of coffee and freshly roasted Patongko. It's just the perfect way to start the day.

At first glance, it seems that coffee is addictive, but under all this lies a lot of benefits. Coffee creates social connections, news awareness and jobs for groups of people around the world.

From drinking just one coffee a day early in the morning at a local Chinese-owned store, to a cup freshly brewed at home, another brewed in the office, and an afternoon indulgence at your favorite coffee shop. Thailand used to be the land of instant coffee, but those days are getting further and further away.



Thai iced coffee is a drink that can be found on almost every street in Thailand. Traditional Thai iced coffee has three main ingredients: coffee, condensed milk and spices. This is what makes it such a unique drink and many have fallen in love with it. The strong cup of iced coffee is then softened with sweetened condensed milk as well as condensed milk. Years and years have passed, but Thai iced coffee remains extremely sweet to this day. One of the reasons we at Coffee Cultures adapted the recipe for Kaafe Yen Boran, in other words Ancient Coffee. Watch this tutorial video and learn how to make delicious Thai iced coffee from Coffee Culture. This is a Thai coffee recipe you'll want to keep.