More heavy rain throughout Thailand today

More heavy rain throughout Thailand today

Oddly enough, heavy rain is expected in most parts of Thailand tomorrow. It will go to regions such as northern, northeastern, central, eastern and southern.


Meanwhile, in the south of the country, a moderate southwest monsoon over the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. It is expected that in the upper reaches of the Andaman Islands and throughout the Persian Gulf, the wave height will be about two meters. In Lower Andaman, waves will also reach two meters in height, but it is expected that during thunderstorms they will rise above two meters. The department warned all boats to be careful.

Bangkok has been particularly hard hit by the rains over the past week, with record rainfall. It was the highest rainfall recorded in 67 years in some areas of the center of the Thai capital.

Rainfall measured at the Queen Sirikit Convention Center in Khlong Toi on Wednesday evening was 132.5 millimeters, beating the earlier record of 108 millimeters on July 30, 1955. Wednesday evening.

In some areas, people had to get out of their cars and wade through the floods, and one university even suspended its lectures.