Silicone strips seized stopping safety-sacrificing surgeries

Silicone strips seized stopping safety-sacrificing surgeries

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials, together with police, raided several plastic surgery clinics and the manufacturer's warehouse to confiscate a large number of counterfeit silicone parts. The joint operation was announced on Monday by the FDA secretary general and the deputy chief of the Consumer Protection Police Division (CPPD).


The previous raids took place on Tuesday 20 December and Thursday 22 December. The last raid took place last Thursday, January 12th. year. These surgeries included 1,436 nose surgeries, 154 chin implants, and 31 nose and chin surgeries.

On January 12, FDA officers searched a warehouse in Nonthaburi, as well as several departments of the clinic. Ngam Wong Wan clinics in Bangkok, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Pathom, Rayong and Udon Thani were raided.

The researchers found 2,748 fake silicone forehead implants and 1,107 fake silicone chins. They also seized 474 illegal drugs and nearly 1,000 counterfeit medical equipment.

The silicone pieces cost only 60-80 baht each to make, but can then be used in operations costing between 4,900 and 50,000 baht.

More arrest warrants will be requested after the latest raid, but officials have not gone into detail about their targets. The FDA has previously carried out raids after engaging the CPPD to investigate the Korawin brand, which is suspected of using counterfeit silicone parts in its clinics.

On December 20, with the help of a court order, the FDA and CPPD first searched an abandoned rice mill in the Sri Prachan district of Suphanburi. They found that it was used as a factory for the production of silicone parts for the nose and forehead. During the raid, they seized counterfeit equipment, 68 molds and 1,098 silicone parts - a haul worth about 3.5 million baht.

One person was arrested for manufacturing medical equipment and silicone without a license. She reportedly ran the business for two years and named her biggest customer. K Medical Thailand Co has reportedly placed orders for Korawin Clinic Khon Kaen and Ngam Wong Wan Bangkok branches.

Fake silicone was distributed in Thailand to 30 other clinic departments. Documents have been unearthed showing that Korawin Clinic bought counterfeit silicone worth more than 2 million baht.

During the December 22 raid, 12,282 rhinoplasty pieces, 27 forehead implants, and 3,855 chin pieces were seized at the Ngam Wong Wan branch, all made in the same rice mill converted into a factory.