Southern Thai man strikes gold with rare cobra encounter

Southern Thai man strikes gold with rare cobra encounter

A rare golden cobra slithered into a rubber plantation in Satun province in southern Thailand on Thursday.


Shittinai Soisuwan was walking through a rubber plantation behind his home in Satun Province when he spotted an unusual golden snake. Shittinai said that the snake opened its hood and threatened him.

Fascinated by its beauty, Shittinai didn't think about the snake's potentially deadly venom and picked up the snake, put it in a bag, and carried it home. He said he plans to raise the golden snake as a pet.

When Shittinai posted photos of the one meter long golden snake on Facebook, commenters warned him to make it public immediately.

Netizens told Sittinai that he was dealing with a highly venomous spitting Sumatran cobra.

Not only is it a deadly venomous snake, but like the Siamese spitting cobra, it can spit venom at its target with great accuracy.

First, several people who believed that the golden serpent would bring good luck asked Shittinai if they could come to his house to see this rare sight.

However, once Shittinai realized the deadly potential of the snake he fought with his bare hands, he was no longer interested in raising it as a pet.

He decided that it would be better for everyone's safety if the snake was released, so he took it somewhere far away and released it back into the wild.

Anyone who was looking for a lottery ticket might be interested in Sittinai's house number - 157.

The equatorial spitting cobra (Naja sumatrana), also known as the Sumatran cobra, is a species of spitting cobra that can be black or gold. This species can be found in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

In September, a villager in Trang province — right down the road from Satun — woke up in the morning to find a 2.1-meter king cobra dozing in his closet.

In November, a Thai man miraculously survived being bitten by his beloved monocle cobra.