Stop giving monkeys cigarettes, beg locals in Lop Buri, Thailand

Stop giving monkeys cigarettes, beg locals in Lop Buri, Thailand

Locals in central Thailand's Lopburi Province, known for its rampant monkey population, are begging tourists to stop giving monkeys cigarettes.


Monkey lovers in Lopburi were saddened to see a video circulating on social media in which a visitor to the city threw a lit cigarette to a monkey.

In the clip, an innocent monkey took a cigarette by the lit end and set himself on fire, wincing in pain. The owner of the cigarette laughed at the monkey.

Pong, a merchant in front of the Phra Prang Sam Yot temple, said he couldn't understand how anyone could do this to a little monkey. They don't feel pain? he asked about cigarette pushers.

Pong advised tourists not to intimidate the Lopburi monkeys. If you annoy the monkeys too much, they will react according to their natural instincts, and the results will not be very good, Pong warned. After all, the Lopburi monkeys are known for their cruelty.

He advised the tourists to come with love and kindness and give the monkeys only suitable things.

Oh, a local woman who “loves monkeys like her family” says she has lived all her life among macaques…

“When I saw the video, tears came to my eyes. These people have no conscience, no compassion for animals.”

Giving cigarettes to monkeys is also dangerous for humans, Oi warned.

“You can do more harm than you expect. What if a monkey carried a cigarette to the roof of one of the old wooden houses that surround the city? What will happen then?

If you smoke cigarettes, be sure to properly dispose of your cigarettes while in Lopburi and make sure they are completely extinguished when you throw them away.

Lopburi monkeys deserve a rest. After being dependent on tourists for food all their lives, many went hungry during the Covid-19 pandemic and turned to petty crime to survive.

Then, as tourists began to return, news of the monkeypox epidemic was another blow to the Lopburi monkeys. Despite the fact that monkeypox is spread through humans and there are virtually no cases in Thailand, the Lopburi monkeys began to starve again out of fear of monkeypox.