Thai doctor tells Covid-infected men not to fear shrinking penis

Thai doctor tells Covid-infected men not to fear shrinking penis

Despite claims that a man's penis will shrink if he becomes infected with Covid-19, a Thai urological surgeon insists there is no conclusive evidence for this.


Dr. Nantawat Siritanan of Nopparat Rajatani Hospital, located in Bangkok's Khan Na Yao district, advised men not to waste time worrying about whether their manhood would fade if they contracted the coronavirus.

Nantawat responded to a statement made yesterday by Pakpum Dejhassadin, a medical technician better known as Mor Lab Panda.

Pakphum wrote on Facebook that he found a report saying men in the US who contracted Covid noticed their penises shrank by one to one and a half inches. He added that coronavirus infection can also cause erectile dysfunction by causing blood clots in the male genital organs, and with reduced blood flow, the penis may not reach a fully erect state.

Nantawat said it is theoretically possible that Covid could cause inflammation of the male genital organs, leading to blood clotting. But he added that there were very few such cases worldwide, and there was no conclusive evidence that Covid caused penile contraction.

The urologist believes that most of the patients infected with the virus were simply paranoid.

Nantawat said there are other causes or causes of penis shrinkage such as age, obesity, or even Peyronie's disease (minor damage to the penis. Injury often occurs as a result of vigorous sex, such as bending the penis during penetration or pressure from the partner's pubic bone , although it can also be caused by sports or other accidents).