Thai netizens go into meltdown over farmer using bathroom cleaner as fertilizer

Thai netizens go into meltdown over farmer using bathroom cleaner as fertilizer

Photos of a Thai farmer using bathroom cleaner as fertilizer in his rice fields have sent netizens into despair.


Parkpoom Dethhussadin scientist aka Mor Lap Panda posted a screenshot of a Facebook post from an unknown farmer spraying his crops with bathroom cleaner.

An unknown farmer captioned the post: “It's efficient and economical. I tried it with one plot and it made a difference."

As a consequence, social media in Thailand has exploded with internet users fearing for their lives.

Most of the netizens said that now they are very scared to eat rice, and most likely they will stop buying it. Some pointed out that the use of bathroom cleaners could cause cancer in Thais, while another Facebook user warned the social media community that it was normal for Thai fishermen, who also sprayed insecticide on sun-dried seafood.

A Facebook page called ควายดำทำนา, meaning Black Buffalo Farmer, revealed that Thai farmers have been using bathroom cleaners on rice for a long time. He added that the goal is to get rid of bacteria and diseases that come from moisture.

The page also added that farmers were unaware of the chemicals in bathroom cleaners that helped them fight bacteria and disease. They just tried it, found it worked, and the news quickly spread among the farmers.

The Facebook page says the cleaner contains hydrochloric acid, which helps remove black mold, rust stains, bacteria and germs. The page also notes that farmers use a variety of fertilizers and chemicals, not just bathroom cleaners.

The page says they understand people's fears, but adds that the chemical ingredients in bathroom cleaners are biodegradable. Farmers dilute the cleaner with water so that it is not intense.

The Black Buffalo Farmer page reported that farmers are using cleaning fluid due to rising costs, but hope farmers will stop using it.