Thai teacher forced to withdraw from beauty pageant

Thai teacher forced to withdraw from beauty pageant

The Kanokwan “Jubjang” Chusuk had to abandon his dream to become queen of beauty after they found that teachers are forbidden to participate in beauty contests in Thailand.


25 -year -old women -teacher in elementary school, school Jung Wat Haad Pankrai, in Chumpor, in the southern province of Thailand. She submitted a request to take part in one of the largest beauty contests in the kingdom, Miss Universe Thailand and was one of 30 competitors selected from more than 100 candidates. But she had to leave or otherwise collide with the bag.

Yesterday, Jubjang and the director of the MUT, the Pui Pui Sangosik ledge went on a direct broadcast on Facebook to announce that she had left the competition, and that another candidate would be chosen to replace it.

During a direct broadcast, Jubjang said that she wanted to be an inspiration for his students who did not dare to dream or join the beauty contest. She added that now she dreams of challenging things that she had never done before.

According to the Rules of the Ministry of Education of Thailand, women are not allowed to join in beauty contests, performance contests or any other types of competitions. Teachers -women who do not follow the rule, face to face with public service.

Thai users of users and fans of MUT were happy for another candidate, Pattaraporn “FIRST” Wang, who was chosen after Jubjang left the competition. Nevertheless, some questioned the rules of the Ministry of Education, asking why teachers cannot be a beauty queen?

The first second place after last year’s event, the right -off “Venar” Singh, shared her opinion on Facebook, expressing her disappointment.

“The rules should be developed to meet a developed society. The world opens opportunities for everyone. This kind of rule should be changed. Don’t let others say the Thai ministry is out-of-date. And this rule reflexes gender inequality.”