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Where to dine in Phuket this Christmas 2022

The long-awaited holiday season has begun, Christmas is approaching. Whether you're celebrating it by exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, or watching Christmas movies on Netflix, we can all agree that the celebration of Christmas is incomplete without delicious food.

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Rain flooding likely to dampen third quarter flood of tourism

Thailand has been elated to finally welcome tourists - mostly - but now, in the wake of the pandemic, a new threat to tourism has emerged. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said it expects a normally profitable third quarter to be marred by flooding in 21 provinces in Thailand. The flooding is expected to particularly affect corporate travel.

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5 slurp worthy bowls of ramen in Bangkok for 2022

Bread noodles, savory broth and flavorful toppings - nothing soothes the soul like a steaming bowl of ramen. Luckily for those looking to indulge in delicious noodles in a flavorful soup, Bangkok is dotted with fantastic ramen restaurants. From high-end eateries to chain restaurants, you'll find plenty of places to indulge in Japanese cuisine.

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What to do if you get bitten by a snake in Thailand

More than 200 species of snakes live in tropical Thailand, more than 60 of which are considered poisonous and dangerous to humans. Snakes don't usually attack unless provoked or intimidated, but knowing how to deal with a snakebite won't hurt if you live or travel in the Land of Sssmiles. How a snakebite is treated can mean the difference between life and death.

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4 tips about buying a condo in Thailand

Buying property in Thailand requires some good advice and a bit of reading-up before plunging yourself into the hundreds of opportunities, around the country. Condos, which a foreigner can own the freehold, have the potential to yield a good profit for your investment.

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Thailand warns tourists about new scam

In Thailand, with the return of tourists, scammers also returned, who began to profit from them. Tourists have been warned that on Bangkok's popular walking street, Khaosan Road, tourists are caught on a typical wiring with a "lost" wallet. At the same time, the police actually protect the scammers.

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